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MacPherson Munchies: Food Tour through One of Singapore's Hidden Gems! 🍜🍲 Unveiling Culinary Delights in Shophouse Parade!

Singapore is dotted with perhaps hundreds of shophouse parades that boast a variety of shops from furniture stores to cafes, restaurants to mechanics and schools to pet shops. As I walked through MacPherson the other morning, I realised that the variety of food along this particular terrace would make for a very tasty morning and so Millie, the kids and I decided to explore. It was so good, we thought we'd share the details with you!

How to get there?

Bus: Numbers 8, 62, 90 or 151 to stop 70139 on MacPherson Road, get off an walk to 504 MacPherson Road

MRT: Stop off at Tai Seng on the Circle Line and walk to 504 MacPherson Road


Sarah's Loft, 504 MacPherson Road

Sarah's Loft is a delicious bakery that specialises in personalised cakes for special occasions, however they do keep a selection of delicious cakes in their shop. These cakes are refrigerated and so need a little while to get to optimal eating temperature, which is why we think it's best to start here. Cakes vary from $8-$10 each - and were delicious!


Kee Mei Siew Pao, 498 MacPherson Road

Originally from Malaysia, this little cafe serves a wide variety of traditional baked snacks, both sweet and savoury. The glass panelled shelves of goodness displayed the snacks - from baked paos to soft and fluffy durian puffs. For me, the coffee cream puff stole the show. The outside felt like an wholemeal chou pastry and the inside was a light and fluffy coffee creme. Unbelievable - you have to try it! Pastries ranged between $2-$4 each.


House of Samosas, 470 MacPherson Road

Everything you are thinking of AND SO MUCH MORE. Samosas with pretty much every filling you could imagine. In their savoury range there is butter chicken, pasta, black pepper burger, baked cheese! And in the sweet you get everything form Apple Pie to Durian to Chocolate Ganache! Samosas ranged from $4-$6 each.


ParTea, 468 MacPherson Road

A tiny little bubble tea store - more like a shack, which has cosy seating for just two people. A good variety of teas including my favourite, milk tea with gula malaka! Aspen and Millie were able to have their fruity teas with jelly and we were all super refreshed. Teas were from $3-$6 plus add ons.


One Prawn and Co, 458 MacPherson Road

This well-known establishment recently changed its name from One Prawn Noodle, and serves up arguably the best prawn noodles on island. To be perfectly honest, each of the shops along this parade could be a highlight on its own, but I would say One Prawn and Co really tops it all off. The friendly staff there serve generous portions of delicious food, large enough to share. But don't take my word for it - this shop really deserves a visit of its own and you will not regret it! Dishes range from $14-$30 and there are extras you can get too!


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