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Resorts World's Genting Dream - The Perfect Easy Getaway for the Family

"A cruise within a cruise" - that's what they call the Palace on the Genting Dream. Having never been on a cruise, we didn't know what to expect but we should have taken a hint from the aptly named "Palace".

The check in and immigration experiences were simple and slick - our passports were taken for us while we waited in the lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks. When we were checked in, we were escorted through immigration, passing the lines of voyagers who were queueing patiently. The Genting Dream is enormous. As we walked alongside it, it reached upward and outward - her size only overshadowed by her elegance. A butler met us on board - a kind man from the Philippines called Jules. His timing throughout the trip was impeccable - we would be at the point of a meal where we were thinking about the next thing we wanted to do and he'd show up, seemingly out of nowhere, asking how he could help us.

Jules took us to our room and went through a potential itinerary, explaining to us all that was on offer. He then gave us time to enjoy our room before dinner. The room, a Palace Deluxe Suite, was spacious and grand. The bed was so comfortable that Millie now wants a new mattress at home! The sofa was large and comfortable and became the children's bed at night time. For me, the most outstanding part of the room was the balcony. Stylish rattan chairs gave us ultimate comfort as we look out at the horizon. Night time on the balcony was particularly special, with views of the waves below as we carved through the Straits of Malacca.

We made our way to dinner in a restaurant that was exclusive for the guests of the Palace, Silk Road. We were escorted to our table - each scarlet velvet chair equipped with a handle to allow our waitors and waitresses to be able to pull the chairs out. Silk Road feels like you are in a movie - decorated lavishly in red and black, with striking artwork. A curved stage jutted out from a giant LED screen, which set the mood for the evening with arty videos of fresh produce being farmed. Dinner was delicious. .....

As dinner was coming to an end, Jules, our butler appeared, ready to escort us to the evening's show. We took a private entrance, a dimly lit corridor that felt incredibly exclusive. At the end of the hallway was a door to our left, when it opened, we realised we had been brought through to the very front of the theatre, where four seats were reserved in prime position, about 3 rows back and in the middle of the row. The acrobatic show was superb - totally immersive, feeling like the performers might just swing out into the crowd. Our children were totally mesmerised by each scene, eyes wide open - even mouth wide open at points! It was hard to believe we were on a ship, the theatre could have been anywhere in the world - even Broadway or the West End!

We called it a night, retiring back to our rooms to sleep well before what promised to be a packed second day. After the children slept, we went onto the balcony to enjoy the view and take in the atmosphere of being on this beautiful ship. To be honest, we were totally blown away by day one, and spent some of the evening just processing the mere fact that we had been given this experience by Resorts World due to our YouTube channel. Another night going to sleep so full of gratitude of you all who read about, and watch our lives every week.

Morning arrived and it was clear we had all slept beautifully. The room had a beautiful sleepy atmosphere - almost Sunday afternoon-like. We got ourselves ready, enjoying the morning with a coffee from the in-room coffee machine and then we made our way to the Palace for breakfast. This area was also exclusively for Palace guests and so it was less crowded. Somehow the blend of many different breakfasts combined into smelling even more delicious that just one on its own. The array of breakfasts were almost overwhelming: European options of pastries, fruit and cereals; English cooked breakfasts; charcuterie, cheeses, yoghurts; pancakes and waffles with crispy bacon and maple syrup; noodles and rice as well as a wide variety of hot and cold drinks were on offer. Knowing we had a potential 5 meals to get through on that day was had with so much on offer. A glutton's paradise. We tried to eat in moderation - only settling for 3 plates of food.

We were seated by the window and we were beginning to pull into Kuala Lumpur. An island of forest slowly passed us a few hundred metres away as the ship gently pushed through the water. The morning mist hugged onto the treetops of the distance. Our daughter, Aspen, brought a big cuddly toy dog to breakfast and the staff were so kind, making Aspen's toy as important to them as it was to her. They pulled out a high chair and placed the dog on it, even laying out a place at the table for it!

Before we got to the end of our meal, our butler, Jules, popped up to wish us a good morning and check in with our activities over the day. We then made our way to the kids club, situated next to the pool. The Little Dreamers club was perfect for kids up to around 6 years old, but honestly, out 8 and 10 year olds went in with such eagerness to be rid of Millie and me and had such a wonderful time. Equipped with play kitchens, a mini movie theatre and a Nintendo Switch, our two had a wonderful relaxed two hours of down time. Meanwhile, Millie and I went to check out the crazy golf and the table tennis as the high ropes course was closed due to the lightening and thunder..

Lunch time beckoned and we made our way to the Bistro where we enjoyed gourmet western food, including the most delicious, soft, melt-in-your-mouth steaks. We had recently been in Australia and enjoyed some superb steaks there and these were even better! The kids enjoyed the kids menu, messing up their faces with spaghetti sauce and having a wonderful time. Full of food, we went back to our room to get changed, ready to burn off some calories in the pool and on the slides.

Equipped with 5 thrilling water slides, the main pool area was surprisingly empty with only a few people enjoying the facilities as many others had popped into Kuala Lumpur for the day. Our kids made friends with a few other kids and they built up their confidence to try out all of the slides. The sun beamed down, heating up the floor, which added to our urgency to get up the stairs to get to the start of each slide. After a couple of hours of fun, we made our way to the room to get changed in time for the afternoon tea, served in the exclusive Palace. Sandwiches, cakes and treats, along with teas and coffees greeted us and we only managed enough space in our stomachs to order two portions to share between the four of us.

We decided to head back to the room to enjoy the daytime view for a little while. We all brought books with us, and the peace of the afternoon at port and the distant nature was accompanied by the sound of the occasional page turn. The days meals sat in our stomachs making us feel a bit snoozy and the only thing that got the kids out was the prospect of a foam party at the back of the boat. We peeled ourselves off the comfortable bed and couch and made our way.

As we approached, we could hear the sound of party music, and the excitement of raised voices. Foam bubbles were being pumped into the sky and it fell onto the dance floor area like thick snow. Abominable foam people danced to the music, taking breaks in the nearby showers only to start the foam process all over again. Elevated seating areas featured big outdoor couches and waiters served drinks and snacks to those having a break from the soapy madness. We were grateful to have bumped into some friends - a family who we have had the very best of intentions to meet, but have never actually met up with and so we had the chance to enjoy company as well as novelty. We de-bubbled and made our way back to our room as the sun began to lower behind the silhouette of the foam being sprayed across the golden sky.

We were full and not ready for any more food, but we had booked our place at the Hot Pot restaurant, which was an outdoor restaurant, on the deck. We ordered in a way that would have provoked my dad to tell me that my eyes were bigger than my stomach and the food started to arrive. Fresh seafood and meat platters as well as vegetables were piled onto our table and we felt the enormity of our order, but knew we could just take our time. The sun set had painted the sky a deep orange and the Genting Dream had begun to drift away from the port. Our kids are hot pot monsters, and somehow we managed to get through all of the food and the children even ordered gelato desserts.

The night sky was pitch black with a spray of stars glowing and we had one more activity left for our evening before bed. The Palace, where we were staying had a private pool and we were yet to use it. Our swimming clothes had already dried and so we put them on and made our way. The private pool has a very exclusive feel to it. There are changing rooms with Saunas and steam rooms in them and a friendly concierge handing out towels. The pool is warmly lit and the jacuzzis are tastefully done too, either side of the pool. We spent some time in the pool - the only guests taking advantage of the night sky on the exclusive pool deck. We were then told about the exclusive jacuzzis at the front of the boat and so we made our way. The warm spas bubbled and we sat in, relaxing while gazing up at the sky. We were fortunate that the kids wanted to sit in another jacuzzi and so Millie and I had a few moments to ourselves, soaking in the atmosphere and the whole experience.

The next morning we woke with mixed feelings - so grateful for our time, but really not ready for it to end! We went for our final meal - the buffet breakfast in the Palace. We took our time, savouring the experience more than the flavours. Some of the other Palace guests interacted with the kids too, treating them like royalty.

Disembarking in Singapore was a surreal feeling. We had the most incredible experience and walked off feeling like it was a beautiful dream.

To experience what we did on board the Genting Dream, check out Resorts World Cruises.


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