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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you so much for visiting our new site! Over the past three years we have toyed with our websites, starting with a blog site where we both took time to share our travels and experiences. It was hard to keep up to date with it and most of what we experienced, you could see through our YouTube videos anyway! During the height of the covid pandemic, we created the first expression of - it was heaps of fun and fairly successful, showing people how to enjoy Singapore in a season when we were unable to travel and experience the world. We catalogued our videos and gave tips on how to access certain experiences across the tiny red dot.

As our channel has grown and the world has reopened, we were unsure what to do with this website. But then a few people recently have given us exclusive codes to share with you, our viewers, and so we decided that we would gather our information (how to do things the way we did them!) and voucher codes in a monthly update, here on We also want to share top tips for enjoy life in the wonderlust way - how to make the most of life and find the wonder in our world - wherever we may be.

So, at the end of every month we will be sharing some voucher codes and tips and we hope that you will make the most of them.

We have been amazed at the community that has followed our journey through YouTube and we hope to give you opportunities to engage with us and others through the forums on this website too! Discuss recent experiences we have shared on our channel, or share with us where to explore next! We want to be able to interact more with this community and maybe even arrange some wonderlust meet-ups or experiences.

For now, please subscribe to our mailing list, bookmark this website and check back as much as possible! We'll send out our first monthly update at the end of April!

Thank you!

Jonty and Millie

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