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finding the extraordinary wonder in our world.

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about wonderlust

life and travel youtubers

In 2020, our family of four decided to relocate from the UK to Jonty's country of birth, Singapore! We were very aware that relocating during a pandemic might pose its challenges and so we committed to creating weekly videos that showed the wonder in our life - something we knew we would have to intentionally look for when things were tough. And so wonderlust was born! To our surprise, many people joined us on our journey, watching our videos every week, commenting and becoming part of our little community of people who love finding the wonder in our worlds.

We are Jonty, Millie, Milo and Aspen - welcome to wonderlust!

wonderlust family, singapore cycling, family at the merlion, marina bay sands, jonty tan, millie tan
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Every Friday we release a new video!

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welcome to wonderlust

welcome to wonderlust

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