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How to Celebrate Earth Day 2024 in Singapore

It’s Earth Day and here is how you could enjoy our earth in Singapore this week!

Go for a walk in a Nature Park

Singapore has such a rich biodiversity and it is totally overlooked by the tourists and locals alike! Here are some options for you:

  • Thomson Nature Park

There are a few different options at this park, with signposted routes that bring you along pathways through the rainforest. Take the Ruins and Figs trail to see how nature has overtaken an old kampong.

  • Southern Ridges 

This walk will take you along some of the elevated footpaths in the south of Singapore, highlighting some beautiful coastal views as well as varied and interesting flora along the way. Take to the skies, crossing the Henderson Waves bridge, and follow the pathways over the balustrades near Alkaff mansion.

  • Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this is a beautiful park for a cool evening stroll. Walk by the swan lake and take in the views of Botanic Garden’s famous black swans gliding across the water. Listen as the evening’s chorus of cicadas fills the air.

  • Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

For opportunities to see Singapore’s nature really show off, a trip to the North West is well worth it. Eagle Point guarantees views of the majestic birds overhead and if you’re lucky, you’ll even see them dive toward the water. Look carefully from the safety of the bridge to see if you can spot any of Singapore’s Estuarine Crocodiles and see the bright blue Kingfishers fly past.

Go for a Bike Ride

Singapore’s Park Connect Network (PCN) is outstanding and vast - guaranteed, you can get onto a park connector within minutes from your home. Although we own our own bicycles, we have recently used Hello Bikes - a simple scan and use public bicycle service that has bikes at convenient places all around the country. Grab a bike and find a PCN - you won’t regret it!


It is a total misconception that you need a whole day to go kayaking. MacRitchie reservoir has a hut that hires kayaks and safety equipment by the hour and it is a beautiful opportunity to get onto the water, have a paddle and enjoy nature.

And finally…


Take a moment to stop on your way to the bus, or MRT. Take a moment to look at the rain trees that are home to other plants too, or the colourful flowers that line our overhead bridges. Whatever it is, you’ll find something beautiful if you take a moment to stop.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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